Late to the Party

Videogaming Like It’s * * * *

Take a second to consider the life cycle of any given videogame, and you’ll soon find it’s a somber affair. Following years of hard work, hype, and hands-on previews, this industry moves so fast that a game’s date of birth is also usually its time of death. Every review is an obituary; every aggregator, a morgue.

Inspired by the likes of Edge’s ‘Time Extend’, Rock Paper Shotgun’s ‘Have You Played…’, and the countless voices highlighted by Critical Distance over the years that dare to look back in an industry obsessed with moving forward, ‘Late to the Party’ is an excuse to hop, skip, and time jump through a personal backlog and return with rambling thoughts from videogaming’s future past.

So grab a drink, throw on a hat, and pick up a controller.

It’s time to party like it’s * * * *