Hi. I'm Jamie Dalzell - Content & Copywriter

Bleary-eyed videogame journalist by night, content and copywriter by day…

Jamie Dalzell

Every business has a story to tell, but not every business has the time – or the words – with which to tell it. That’s why I’ve been putting digital pen to virtual paper for the last four years, helping turn those typically haphazard beginnings into stories that communicate a business’s unique value proposition through content that connects with, convinces, and then converts readers into enquiries, leads, and sales.

My background as a freelancer means I understand the importance of an online presence that breaks through the static, and the unique role words play in ensuring you’re not just shouting at an uninterested audience but, rather, talking directly to curious readers.

So when I’m not contemplating that long-dormant novel, I’m working with the likes of NZCU Baywide, Power by Proxi (purchased by Apple!), and Simple, as well as ghostwriting for respected sites at the forefront of their respective industries including Credit Simple, Brandwatch, and SEO Hacker. To name just a few!

Working alongside Found – New Zealand’s Search Specialists, I’ve been able to translate my love of the written word and extensive experience with digital marketing strategies into 100% – 500% increases in qualified leads for clients in as little as 90 days.

You can contact me on dalzell.jamie@gmail.com, or via Twitter @Sir_JD.

I’ve written for…

NZ Business
SEO Hacker
Credit Simple
Convince & Convert

…and worked with clients including

NZCU Baywide
Hotel Grand Chancellor
Power By Proxi
Asbestos Risk Management
Asbestos Solutions Limited
Genesys Men's Health
Simple - Integrated Marketing

Latest work…