Free Spirits

Random Acts of Fiction

It’s said that on that fateful night, the stars were gifted front row seats to sights they’d never seen before. Or, in truth, would likely ever see again.

Some light-years below, on the outskirts of a town whose name would be forgotten by the umpteenth retelling, a tangle of technicolour sparks lit the pines, the street signs, and the tarmac below…

…and then it happened.

Some would say it appeared out of thin air with a thud.

Others? That it drove out of hell itself, chased by the acrid scent of burnt rubber and broken dreams.

It…It worked! I fucking told you Ned, it worked!!

Check the sign.” Ned replied.

The what?

Ned gestured with a finger across the dashboard, pointing up ahead.

The fucking sign, you goof!

Come on Ned, there’s n…

Jack trailed off, squinting into the night with eyes still mourning a pair of glasses lost a lifetime or two ago.

Freeway. Exit. 1/2 Mile…we’ve made it!

Ned threw a glance at the rear view mirror, as that quiet country road erupted in a blaze of fireworks for a second time that night.

We’re not free yet, little brother…