All in My Head: A DayZ Journal – Part 1

“Go on, just pull the trigger.”

The devil is sitting on my left shoulder, unnerving me with his quiet whispers in my ear. It sounds so simple when he says it, and some would heed his words, but I was never one of those people. Then again, that’s a lie; I know it, and the devil knows it too. He tempts me, but I like to think I’m different now.

My gun is raised. I’m holding a survivor in my sights, watching the back of his head while he clambers up some steps to a water canister. The split second I have to make my decisions plays out over what feels like hours and, unexpectedly, his own life flashes before my eyes. I ponder the choices that have led us to this point in time, this place, this impasse where he knows nothing about the event which will soon decide both of our fates…Continue