Before You Begin: Blinging Up Grand Theft Auto IV

Surprise! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been a little busier than usual, and now the fruits of all that hard work are ready for consumption! Mods and PC tweaking have always been something I’ve toyed with, from building Morrowind mod orders to editing random files and seeing what came of it.

Now all of that stuffing around has a purpose, with my first Before You Begin feature now live at GameSpy. There’s been a lot of focus on the latest round of mods for GTA IV, and my handy guide shows you how to achieve those amazing results, without all of the hassle of wondering how it works.

PC games just don’t see the kind of attention they once did. Ever since those simple, shiny consoles found their way in to living rooms, we’ve been left to feed on a majority diet of easy ports, lacking the intricate customization we once enjoyed.

Never fear though, as our new column Before you Begin brings back all the toggles and fiddly buttons you loved about PC gaming, and explains exactly how they work. Today we’ll be showing you how to give Grand Theft Auto IV near photorealistic visuals with the exciting new iCEnhance modification…Continue