Dark Souls: A Journey Into Madness

In Dark Souls, messages act as just one part of the communal experience. A way to know that someone, somewhere, is suffering just the same as you at that very moment. Or better yet, they’ve made it, providing a hope-filled message that drags you through at three in the morning.

Not only did I interact in this manner, but so too did I loosen the shackles of Dark Souls as best I could, to throw out my screams of anguish and joy to the wider internet.

While I may not have left as many in-game messages, Twitter became the place where my messages and bloodstains were left, each one 140 characters of raw Dark Souls emotion. Now compiled in my Journey into Madness, just another step of the recuperation process!

It was a day like any other. Deadlines loomed, study continued to take up my time and a growing pile of games screamed out for attention. Then that far too comforting “ding!” of a new email arriving in my inbox sounded.

It was an exciting one this time. “How’d you like to review Dark Souls?” asked Erin. My heart skipped a beat. My interest in Dark Souls was high after my time with Demon’s Souls. What else was I going to say? I was naïve. I hit “Reply” as fast as I could.

“YES!” I typed…Continue