Developer Playlist Interview: David Lally

The Black Panel are currently running a series of interviews with industry figures, discussing with them the games that inspire them. I was recently given the chance to write-up an interview with David Lally – Senior Programmer at Tantalus – and that interview is now live for consumption.

While we’re all quick to hail the new king of our “in-between” gaming time – as iPhones and iPods continue to grow in popularity – it can be easy to overlook just how popular the old kings of the hand-held space were – and continue to be.

It’s something David Lally, Senior Programmer at Tantalus wouldn’t likely have forgotten so quickly, with a long history of work on a number of GBA and DS games.

With a new project in the works for Nintendo’s latest hand-held, the 3DS, he joins us today to discuss some of the games that have truly stuck with him over the years…Continue