Down to Earth: Arcen Games and the Indie Recipe, Pt 2

The indie scene, market, spawning ground for fresh ideas, whatever you want to call it, has changed a lot since Arcen Games’ Chris Park first set out along the path of game development, even as recent as while AVWW was still in production.

Games like Braid and Fez bring the spotlight to, at the very least, perceived personas, as something like Indie Game: The Movie shows – a far cry from the limited amount of attention indie games once vied for. But rather than bristle at the attention and the personalities, Chris has modest views on the bright lights and superlatives those big names draw.

“I was very proud to be called an ‘indie darling’ by Polygon,” says Chris, ”even though I felt it was premature by more than a little bit. Certainly reaching that level of notoriety as an indie developer is a great thing, and every industry needs its pioneers and its leaders. Someone has to strike out and do new and unexpected things – failing sometimes, succeeding others, but ultimately increasing the pool of knowledge for all of us either way…Continue