Dustforce Review

I’m really starting to think Erin Marcon hates me. Though in a similar way to Hitbox Team’s Dustforce, it’s that appreciative sort of hate. The hate that sends you both Dark Souls and now Dustforce to review. Games that are both crazily difficult in their own way, yet both so rewarding. Just how rewarding? Read on to find out.

“You missed a spot”

A cleaner’s job is never done. Day after day, week after week, year after year, you scrub, scrape, spit and polish. Your joints creak and your back aches and yet you still just keep on cleaning. But no matter what, there’s always that one guy who pipes up at the worst of times.

“Uh, I think you missed a spot…”

Argh! Can you do nothing right? If you’re a Dustforce contractor, then no. Absolutely not. No matter how well you performed that wall run, that light-footed twirl that took you perfectly from a tumultuous fall in to a momentum-fuelled slide, or that backwards flip into a ceiling run, according to Dustforce, you’re never good enough…Continue