From Dust Review

To round out the week, The Black Panel offered me the chance to review From Dust – one of Microsoft’s Winter of Arcade titles (which will also be heading to Steam shortly).

If my time with From Dust has taught me anything, it’s that I’d make an awful God. While my tribesmen continued to scream for help, and the timer ticked down before a massive wave engulfed their village, I was far too busy just playing around.

My God-like snake of a cursor slithered its way around the environment, heaving sand and water alike as I redirected waterfalls and created whole new islands. It was only as the timer closed in on “0″ that I realised I’d need to take things a little more seriously. I set one minion out to gather knowledge from a relic, knowledge which he could teach the tribe and which would repel the oncoming wave.

My messing around had cost valuable time and as he hurtled down the final hill towards the camp, the skies turned grey and the wave loomed on the horizon. Would he make it?..Continue