Hands-On: ARMA III Alpha

Dawn breaks over Stratis, pushing back the stars so accurately rendered that they could guide a lost wanderer — such is the level of simulation at play here — and for a solitary moment in what will likely be a digital lifetime spent in war-torn purgatory, it’s quiet. The videogame sunrise is something long since perfected — god-rays breaking over any variety of hill or sprawling beach — but few capture the early morning silence that completes the picture.

At the same time that rising sun pulls back the curtain on Bohemia Interactive’s latest refinement of a genre not just founded but forwarded, enhanced and defined by them and them alone, and for all of its love affairs with the breadth of blood-soaked battlefields — satellite imagery rendered to the nth degree — the early-morning sunrise has always been a highlight.

Bohemia have a way with detail…Continue