Hands-On: Divinity – Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin’s headline characters cut a fine figure. One a female archer, the other a bludgeoning warrior, marching hand in hand into the future and whatever challenges await them. A few quickly templated cover-stars of a prequel to 2002’s Divine Divinity, coming some eleven years after its release.

In truth, Divinity’s leading logo can be misleading. Generic class names are the habit of players, rather than its developers, having grown their custom characters freely in Original Sin’s classless world. Similarly, its campaign is as social or introvert as you feel on any given day, players dropping in as easily as they drop out. Instead that image is indicative of Divinity’s RPG core, built on complementing systems. Of co-op players. Of warring magical elements. Of choice and consequence.

And of a developer, its Kickstarter backers, and the challenges of niche development. Hand in hand, ‘til the end…Continue