Indie Review: Trauma

During my usual “waste a bunch of time just browsing the web” time over the weekend, I stumbled across an interesting indie game by the name of Trauma. GameSpy were nice enough to give me the green-light on a review, and having finished the game yesterday, it’s now up on GameSpy.

The game is certainly thought provoking, and the photographic look is wonderful. It may not have a massive “Oh my” moment, but it’s the little things that Trauma does well.

If the old adage of “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true, then Trauma would easily take the crown for “game with the most words”. The photographic dreams you’ll be exploring are those of a car crash patient, in an effort to face her fears and closely kept secrets.

In the loosest of terms, it’s a point and click adventure, but Trauma isn’t preoccupied with head-scratching puzzles or serious challenge; it’s more concerned with presenting existential thoughts, and allowing you to interpret them in whatever way you please…Continue