Modern Day Makeover: Revitalising Old PC Games

This guide, admittedly, was a rather selfish endeavour. I never did find the chance or opportunity to play Diablo or Diablo 2 when those games released, and attempting to play them now results in a screen full of Vaseline-smudged pixels.

That, then, is where this handy guide comes in, with steps for sprucing up not only Diablo 2, but Borderlands and Mass Effect 2 as well. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have clicky things to click on…

“You should totally play the first one. It was a classic!”

Ah, the common battle-cry of ardent videogame series fans. As much as we like to agree that we’ll totally go and play that really old game right now, it can be a difficult task to endure without the rose-tinted glasses of players who jumped in at the right time. Without them, we’re left to endure their primitive pixels stabbing at us like angry cavemen.

Then again, a sequel on the horizon is often the perfect time to visit a missed classic, or revisit previous games in a franchise, if for nothing more than to brush up on our mouse-clicking skills. Modern Day Makeover is here to provide you with the steps, and mods, needed to make that trip back in time that much more enjoyable. From Diablo 2 to Borderlands, we’re covering some of this year’s top candidates for a replay…Continue