Morrowind: A Retrospective

My poor 800Mhz Duron and GeForce 2 will never forgive me for attempting to run Morrowind on it back in the day. Though it’s a testament to just how much it grabbed me that I endured its 10 minute loading times, minimum graphics settings and 5FPS. Still to this day, I remember jumping at the first crack of lightning on a rainy Vvardenfell day, something I embarrassingly repeated on my return to the game over the last few weeks.

The results of that endeavour are now live at Games.On.Net, in my retrospective on the game.

So here we are again, with another entry in Bethesda’s lineage of open-world RPGs nearing the end of its PR campaign trail. The parallels between Bethesda’s Skyrim promises and those made over Oblivion are striking, and given it was a game that fell short of the mark for many of us – a game hampered by its hunt for the mainstream and the need for constant, instant gratification – it’s difficult for me to invest too much this time around.

Though what all of this talk of open-worlds and questing has led me to, in the end, is the revisiting of Morrowind: a Bethesda game that wasn’t afraid of asking you to earn its respect every step of the way. A game which stood tall on three distinct pillars as imposing as the numerals on the very box it shipped in…Continue