Nations At War, A Minecraft Journal: Part One

What’s more interesting than a virtual Lego set with limitless freedom? Seeing what people do with it. Nations at War is one such creation – a hand-crafted Minecraft world run by those who built it, and fought over by those who play in it.

Jumping from the lawless, free-form building philosophy that’s so key to the Minecraft experience to one wholly more structured and ruled is an interesting experience, and one I’m now documenting as I spend a month playing my part in the war of nations.

I’m nervous. A lot is riding on this form. I’ve already double-checked it, triple-checked if you count the time I read it with the wrong emphasis on the syllable, by the off chance my sentence structure could sound terribly insulting if read like a crazed man.

Yet my time was up. I had to let go and just let hope carry me through. I checked it one last time. Name? Check. Age? Check. Paragraph after paragraph of reasons why I think I’m amazing? Guess those are there too. I just hope they’re enough…Continue