One Voice, Many Faces: How I Lost My Party

My latest Piece for Games.On.Net is live, taking a personal look at how our videogame blessings can become our curses. In this case, how voice acting – something that can so immediately build a character – can shatter them just as fast.

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My friends were a funny group. A rock golem intent on the destruction of any and all pigeons he could find, a witch from the wilds wielding a sharp wit, and an unsuspecting young man who was all too accepting of some, yet wholly dismissive of others.

Although a strange combination, we were an amusing and effective bunch. Needy commoners or kings, it didn’t matter – we helped them all, all the while enjoying a constant banter which transformed that once unfamiliar rabble into a close group of friends. Shale, Morrigan and Alistair