PCPP Issue 205 – Across The Inner Seas: Rebuilding Tamriel (Print)

My articles for PC Powerplay are quickly turning into a checklist for the ten-year old me who read about games in the magazine and dreamed of one day featuring in those pages myself. Morrowind, too, was a game I read the review of in PC Powerplay, and then proceeded to force my aged PC to run it while it screamed out an “I can’t do this!”. In spite of the five minute loading times and the fog that was so close you could almost taste it, I fell in love with Morrowind, and the Elder Scrolls as a whole.

The Elder Scrolls License, and Bethesda, may have moved on at this point. One taking a trip North to find its Morrowind roots after the unsteady Oblivion, and the other joining the growing ranks of the MMO-ification of beloved singleplayer experiences, but for those who return to Morrowind today, whether for nostalgia or to lose themselves again, they find a beating heart not just holding on via life support, but perhaps beating louder than it ever did when the game was first released.

Bethesda’s track record for creating not just games, but the foundation for other players to build upon with their modding tools, is strongest in Morrowind, where a team of volunteers work away tirelessly to create more areas for a Morrowind player to explore.

This month I was given the opportunity to talk to the team behind Tamriel Rebuilt, a project creating the entirety of Morrowind’s mainland, and as Morrowind’s 10th anniversary rolls around, so to does the 10th anniversary of their project. We discuss at length the past, present, and hopeful future of the project. And in time for the interview, the team have just released the third section of their six part project, marking the halfway point for the team.

Read the feature in Issue 205 of PC Powerplay Magazine, or online via Zinio