Project Zomboid Preview

Zombie games. A dime a dozen, eh? Though if you’re one of those who allowed themselves a moment of hope at the sight of Dead Island’s trailer – before the game’s true style had reality crashing back down – then Project Zomboid is probably a game you should be keeping an eye on. Need some further convincing? My preview over at GameSpy may be just what you need.

Despite the veritable onslaught of zombie games we’ve received over recent years, they’ve all continued to tread the same “Zombie killin’ is grrreeat fun!” path.

Apparently, when the zombies do arrive, we’ll be bludgeoning them with bats with hearty grins, chopping at them with meat cleavers as we giggle with glee and generally just having a good time – oh, and we’re likely to do it in groups of four. …Continue