Resistance 3 Review

Resistance 3 is a game which snuck up on me – one I only really started to look in to around release – and was luckily given the chance to review it over at The Black Panel

I remember posting on Twitter around the two to three hour mark that it was “the most Valve-esque non-Valve game I’d played”. And for those hours it certainly was. It does meander a bit towards the end, but I’d highly recommend that anyone who missed it on release go back and give it some time.

So many shooters over recent years have grabbed you by the hand and dragged you along for the ride. They strap you into their linear rollercoaster so tight that it hurts. From that point on, you spend every waking moment waiting for the end, begging for some breathing room and a chance to just soak it all in.

That rollercoaster just keeps on rolling until you want nothing but to get off…Continue