Review – ArmA 3


Nestled between the rolling hills of Altis’s north-western forests, you’ll find an odd looking town. Sprawling up from the valley below, it clings to the rockface as if scrambling to the top, houses perched at odd angles. Approach from the west and this town of Abdera is framed by wind turbines, spinning ever-on in the distance. A location crying out for an ambush.

Let curiosity guide you further east, and you’ll discover Altis’s signature solar power plants, dotted around this 270 square kilometre expanse, but found in concentration here. Clamber to the top of one of their towers and you’ll catch the perfect view of this island’s airport, baking under the summer sun. Stare long enough and you’ll catch the mirage of a military airfield in full swing, where jets and choppers make hurried take-offs to provide air support to soldiers under fire…Continue