Review – Dark Souls 2

Lordran’s tale of a Hollow Undead’s journey to overcome adversity bears many a resemblance to that of its creator, and his series’ journey west. Patchy translation and all. Where Dark Souls’ story was uncovered in every location, item description and tortured monster, Hidetaka Miyazaki’s rise from relative obscurity to videogame rockstar can be plotted on a map made up of every review, forum post and feature that sings the praises of his beloved creation.

Yet with victory seemingly achieved, it was with Dark Souls’ first and final piece of DLC – Artorias of the Abyss – that Miyazaki bid goodbye to the series that had granted him his newfound fame. Lordran conquered, the hearts and minds of the audience won, Miyazaki wandered off in search of new development challenges and in doing so, the hallways of From Software, and those of Lordran itself, fell silent…Continue