Review: Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC

Few heroes ever find a moment’s rest.

The princess may have been found, the galaxy saved, the villain vanquished, but at a time where worlds can be extended indefinitely — provided that world digs its roots deep enough in the minds and hearts — few modern videogame heroes will ever find the joys of retirement. None epitomise this more than the nebulous Vault Hunters, who after two games and numerous DLC releases are yet to find a corner of Pandora that is secluded enough to finally rest their feet.

Instead, with Handsome Jack vanquished, and Pandora saved, they now find themselves seeking peace on Pandora’s newly uncovered continent of Aegrus, following in the footsteps of Sir Hammerlock who himself has made the trek for nothing more than a quiet weekend of “Hunting, companionship, and bawdy jokes about social taboos.” (as you do)…Continue