Review: Miasmata

Somewhere across Miasmata’s glass ocean, through videogame space and time, Jason Brody is skydiving down upon a nondescript island, falling some four thousand meters before landing with a thud and triggering thirty hours of non-stop insanity.

But Brody holds no reverence for the Rook Islands, of which he is to be hero, decimating flora, fauna and its inhabitants with all the gusto of a videogame protagonist. The island becomes the subject of his rich white kid survival fantasy, chest held high, playing to the virtual camera amidst a modern open world of momentary tension and the luxury of fast travel.

Back across the water and Miasmata’s Robert Hughes can only dream of such freedoms. Here, stranded, his body ravaged by illness, he is the tortured star of another developer’s survival ideals: no GPS, no fast travel, and no voices nagging in the ear to follow a flashing symbol to the ends of the earth. “Here is an empty map and a compass,” whisper Miasmata’s creators – two brothers with a singular vision. “Good luck.”…Continue