Review: Proteus

My eyes blink open, revealing an island ahead. This is how Proteus begins. There’s a flirting beauty to that opening moment. I feel like a child waking to the world for the first time, unassuming of the trials that await me. I push the curtains are aside and the stage that will play host to the most arduous task I will ever face is revealed: a life to be lived from beginning to end, with all of its ups and downs. Yet Proteus’ rendition is anything but arduous.

Here on this single island, I find a sugar coated invitation to walk among the trees and valleys that build a humming soundtrack punctuated by every object I pass. Instead of flaunting it like others might, it hides its magic trick of changing shape and form beneath a pixelated veneer of watercolour brush strokes.

It is a place forever at the mercy of the progress of time and the changing of seasons. Years pass by in minutes. This journey will be over quicker than I expect, but to end, it must first begin in earnest…Continue