Sieging The Dwarf Fortress – Part One

Dwarf Fortress was always a game that interested me. I’d hear tales of victorious wars and tragic accidents, all centered around this ASCII driven, dwarven civilisation game. Having finally decided to jump in and give it a go, I found myself intrigued and hooked, and DF hasn’t managed to let go since.
My adventures have been intersting ones so far, and you can now read Part One of my Dwarf Fortress series over at Games.On.Net.

Long before Minecraft consumed my every waking moment, and before Terraria continued the obsession with creative sandbox worlds, there was Dwarf Fortress.

It was the perfect example of a niche PC title – an ASCII driven civilisation game – and much like EVE Online, it always spawned interesting stories. It was a daunting game to tackle though, but I’ve finally decided that the time for cowardice is over; I’m one newb, attempting to scale the impenetrable walls of Dwarf Fortress.

So jump on board and come along for the ride, and maybe we’ll all learn something along the way…or if not, we’ll all die trying at the bottom of a poorly dug dwarven well. Exciting!..Continue