Sieging The Dwarf Fortress – Part Two

Another week, and another interesting set of developments for my dwarven civilisation. Part two of Sieging the Dwarf Fortress is now live at Games.On.Net, and be warned, tragedy awaits!

We’ve come a long way, my dwarves and I, since our humble beginnings. It feels like we’ve advanced, climbed out of the dark ages and taken our first steps towards technological advancement. Which is to say, I caved, ok? Stop staring at me like that, it’s making me feel guilty…

I admit it, my resolve crumbled quicker than the caves my dwarves have built. You know what? It feels so good! As much as I thoroughly enjoyed deciphering Dwarf Fortress’ ASCII obscurities, but after so many replies and comments pointing towards an all too welcoming “Lazy Newb” pack, I couldn’t help but follow the illuminated path. Fancy flashing lights always get to me!

So, with my status as a “newb” fully certified and confirmed, my screen full of ASCII now a little more understandable, and expectation levels set, it was back down to business. Dwarf management business…Continue