Yakuza Dead Souls Review

The Japanese arcades are a sight to behold. Machines lined up one after the other in all their old school glory. Their flashing lights are blinding in a way and inviting in another, so I take a seat and start playing a game called Boxcelios.

My ship flows side to side, attempting to catch enemies in my firing arc as I hurtle across what can best be described as a luminescent sea. I bust through the outer armour of the latest one while the ‘ding!’ of the machine sounds and another enemy comes flying into view. The score counter sits at the top of the screen as I chase a new record.

I’m lost, again, of course. Caught up in the Japanese arcades. Transfixed by their flashing lights and the joy of hunting high scores. I take a break halfway through and attempt to grab some prizes with the claw. The results are less than satisfactory, so I decide to save time and coin, and return once more to the arcade machine.

That high score has to be mine…Continue